Love Odissey

Blessed by expansive plains under endless blue skies, Inner Mongolia draws her strength from thousands of years of a majestic cultural heritage. Ever since Angel Chen was introduced to this autonomous region of China, she developed a special bond with its magnificent landscapes, traditional craftmanship and rich local culture. Particularly inspired by the traditional costumes, Angel Chen dedicated her Fall/Winter 2022 Collection, called LOVE ODISSEY, to Inner Mongolia. The collection unfolds in two chapters: PRESTIGE CEREMONY and EPIC OF SAVANNA.

PRESTIGE CEREMONY consists of 16 traditional costumes re-imagined by Angel Chen and handmade by local artisans. They depict the spectacular spirit of galloping horses and the enticement of bonfire flames in the darkness - both intangible exemplars of the cultural heritage. This respectful series aim to spotlight Inner Mongolian traditional textile craftmanship.

EPIC OF SAVANNA is a collectible series of looks merging ANGEL CHEN aesthetics and Inner Mongolian cultural heritage. From local Mongolian calligraphy and paintings to the Mongolian Ku-Ku head piece, the collection digs deep into the entrenched nomadic and family values of the Inner Mongolian culture.

The collection is rich on plush fabrics and materials: Silk jacquard yarn from Suzhou Huzhou, Song brocade and velvet satin, custom velvet denim, hand-rolled wool felt from Inner Mongolia, brushed cashmere, rare Alxa camel wool and camel velvets. They are the canvas for ANGEL CHEN’s inspiration. In developing this collection, the ANGEL CHEN team formed a meaningful bond with the land and its people and long-term relationships with herdsmen in camel wool production.

Angel credits key partnerships to help bring this collection to life: American artist Skylar Hertz, mastered turning tapestries and, in a sustainable effort, used coffee bags into pieces of clothing, Chao Lemeng (Vice Chairman of the Inner Mongolia Costume Institute) and Su Tingling (Researcher at the Inner Mongolia Museum) consulted on the production of the traditional costumes.

LOVE ODISSEY simultaneously celebrates traditional Chinese craftmanship and its reverential modernity. In re-interpreting traditional Inner Mongolian traditional crafts in a contemporary way, ANGEL CHEN shines at what she does best: showcase eastern heritage and tradition through a modern (and somewhat western) lens.

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